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[* icon_caution] '''Locate a secure jack''' point in the area of the vehicle that you want to raise.
[* icon_note] A secure jack point is either:
[* black] An area designed specifically to make contact with the jack, or
[* black] An area that you know can safely support the full weight of the vehicle, without slipping off the jack.
[* icon_note] Check your owner's manual for the locations of your vehicle's jack points. There is typically one near each wheel. There may be an additional jack point between the front wheels, and another between the rear wheels. '''If you're not sure, get some help.'''
[* red] Do '''not''' put the jack under a body panel, as shown in this photo. Apart from the obvious damage to the vehicle, this incorrect procedure can injure or kill you. The jack should make contact with an unpainted area of the frame.

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