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[* black] What is this madness? The 7 Plus bizarrely opens to the side, despite the familiar clips at the top of the phone that help align the display as in previous models.
[* black] We got lucky and didn't rip the display cables along the middle-right-side. Thankfully, the top cable has slack.
[* icon_note] Subtle design changes like this are where repair guides come in handy.
-[* black] Opening the iPhone completely exposes lots of adhesive—white and black stretchy, sticky nonsense.
+[* black] Opening the 7 Plus reveals lots of glue running along the perimeter of the phone—white and black stretchy, sticky nonsense.
+ [* icon_note] Our bet is that this penguin-themed adhesive is part of Apple's efforts to add water resistance. Then again, Apple's engineers might just really love glue.