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[* black] What do you do when things get shaky? You X-ray everything that moves. And that is exactly what we did with the Taptic Engine.
[* black] "Taptic Engine" sounds like something found on an [https://giphy.com/gifs/star-trek-enterprise-KuuoMkguCWK1W/fullscreen|intergalactic warship|new_window=true]. In truth, we really are just working with a tiny [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_actuator|linear actuator|new_window=true] and some zig-zag springs that shake a weighted core.
+ [* black] To be fair, this ''is'' the largest piece of mechanical machinery that we've seen in a smartphone.
[* black] The Taptic Engine translates the pressure on the new solid state home button into finely controlled vibrations.
[* black] We all love the sensation of clicking a button. The Taptic Engine's precise oscillation is designed to provide many types of tactile feedback, including the sensation of pressing a mechanical button.
[* icon_note] Why not just use a regular button with a haptic addition like the [guide|48170|iPhone 6s|stepid=107875|new_window=true]? Well, one less button is one less place for water to sneak in.