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[title] Final Thoughts
-[* black] The QiCycle pedaled for a ***x out of 10*** on our repairability scale (10 is easiest to repair):
- [* green] green
- [* green] green
- [* yellow] yellow
- [* red] red
+[* black] The QiCycle is the first of its kind on our teardown table. A repairability score in the electronic sense wouldn't cover all its parts. But if we would have to give it a shot we'd say it pedaled for a ***5 out of 10*** on our repairability scale (10 is easiest to repair):
+ [* green] Maintenance of regular bike parts like tires, brakes or gear are very easy and use common components that are available in every bike shop. Some are even low maintenance like the coaster brake and the gear hub.
+ [* green] The battery can be removed easily and therefore replaced without a hustle when the time should come.
+ [* green] It is possible to get all electronic parts off to just leave you with a working bicycle without any e-waste leftovers like the cables harness with the bike computer or the Torque Management System.
+ [* yellow] Some parts are non-standard like the saddle pole and the whole frame structure, as well as the front wheel hub with the motor making a replacement a bit more difficult when the manufacturer does not offer them.
+ [* red] The battery pack with its controller are a single unit and can't be replaced separately which makes it a complicated waste product (electronics and batteries).
+ [* red] With its limited saddle pole length and a fixed handle bar stem the bike is designed for a certain height/shortness. So in terms of comfort not necessarily recommendable for tall persons.