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[* red] The EM10 charging filter is located next to the power connector on the motherboard.
-[* black] If you are uncertain if the EM10 is broken, measure the two sides to see if the are connected. If everything is OK you should have about 0 Ohm both between the two cyan marked solderings and between the two yellow ones. You should NOT have connection between cyan and yellow. If you have no connection on either sides you will have to fix it.
+[* black] If the filter is missing or obviously broken, move on to STEP 18
+[* black] Use a multimeter to test the EM10 filter - measure the resistance between each of the yellow solder pads, and then between each of the cyan solder pads. If everything is OK you should have close to 0 Ohms between each set of pads. You should NOT have any connection between the cyan pads and yellow pads. If the filter fails either test it needs to be replaced.