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-[* black] The rubber mask serves as a light blocker. This is different from the Rift and Vive as those have foam that is meant to control distance.
-[* black] We remove screws to free up the front panel.
-[* black] The opening pick starts to reveal some IR LED's.
+[* black] Without a foam rubber ski goggle seal like the Vive and Rift are equipped with, the PS VR makes use of rubber blinders to block out distracting side light.
+[* black] With the rubber shield peeled away, we're granted access to a set of Phillips screws holding the front panel together.
+[* black] To accomplish its unique, ultra-futuristic styling, the PS VR is covered in fancy bits of trim, that we gleefuly pry away with our [product|IF145-123|opening pick|new_window=true].
+ [* black] And peeking just behind, we've found the first of the 9 position-tracking LEDs.