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-[* black] The final bit of headband fun, comes in the form of the band adjustment wheel. Time to pop that sucker off.
-[* black] The gear assembly is springy and fancy.
-[* black] And keys into teeth along a split headband. As the gear turns, it pushes the bands apart, making more room for heads, or big hair!
+[* black] Before we leave the headband for dead(band), we pop open the band adjustment mechanism.
+[* black] A spring-loaded pinion gear assembly rotates against two [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rack_and_pinion|racks|new_window=true] that spread or contract, tightening or loosening the band.
+[* black] A locking mechanism built into the gear assembly prevents the band's adjustment from slipping while you're swinging your head around in the zone.