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[* icon_note] Note: We have aggregated information from various articles to aid in our teardown. These include Bob Widenhofer’s article featured on TechOnline, Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad featured on TechOn, and of course, our own sources (Thank you!).
[* black] The G1 has a lot of meaning to the “1″ in its name. Not only is it the first phone to sport Google’s Android OS, it’s the first phone:
[* red] to use T-Mobile’s 3G network
[* orange] its HTC’s first capacitive touchscreen phone,
[* yellow] HTC’s first trackball phone
[* green] HTC’s first trackball phone, and their second attempt at a 5-row keyboard (correct me if I’m wrong).
[* black] Of course none of these firsts compare to this device’s greatest achievement: the first “swoop” sliding mechanism.