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-[* black] Removing lobo, removable RAM!
+[* black] Looks like today we're starting with the good stuff! With a bit of elbow grease we manage to shimmy the logic board out of its slot to reveal ...
+[* black] ... removable RAM! While many users would prefer the RAM hatch found in the 27" models, this is still a ''major'' bonus for upgradability over the iMacs we've encountered for the past few years.
+[* black] Before moving on, we take a moment to scope out the silicon these memory modules have to offer:
+ [* red] Sk Hynix [https://www.skhynix.com/products.view.do?vseq=1925&cseq=73|H5AN8G6NAFR|new_window=true] 8Gb DDR4 SDRAM (4  × 8 Gb = 4 GB per DIMM )

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