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[title] Final Thoughts
[* black] Retina Macbook 2016 Repairability Score: '''1 out of 10''' (10 is the easiest to repair)
[* yellow] Apple did not return to tri-point screws, and instead used only Torx and Phillips screws within the computer.
[* red] The processor, RAM, and flash memory are ''still'' soldered to the logic board.
[* red] A large amount of strong adhesive holds the battery assembly to the lower case .
[* red] The Retina display is a fused unit with no separate, protective glass. If the display is damaged, it'll be arduous and expensive to repair.
[* icon_note] While it's no more repairable than the last two years' editions, it does benefit from sharing a lot of the same parts and [[Topic:Retina MacBook 2015|repair procedures]] as the other Retina MacBooks.