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[* black] The only "funky" bit we came across in the MacBook Pro was a Y0 Tri-wing screw holding down the battery. Luckily, we were prepared and had our [product|IF145-022|54-Bit Driver Kit] on hand.
[* black] Our faithful [product|IF145-002|spudger] helps us disconnect the battery, which you should always do when performing repairs or maintenance on your MacBook Pro.
[* black] Apple's battery warning labels haven't stopped us before, and they're not stopping us now.
[* black] The battery is [http://mygaming.co.za/photos/data/500/Officer_Barbrady_Nothing_to_see_here.jpg|exactly the same] as last year's model—77.5 Wh at 10.95 V.
+[* black] In case you missed it last year, this battery is 13.8 mm thick and weighs 450 g.
+ [* black] By comparison, the battery in the MacBook Pro with Retina display has cells that vary in thickness from 5.25 mm to 8.60 mm.