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[* black] Some dainty halberd-spudgering grants us a look at the USB-C port assembly.
[* icon_note] Points to Google for putting the USB-C port on its own board. This is a high-wear item, and soldering it directly to the motherboard would make for difficult (and costly) repairs.
[* black] Plus, in the absence of a headphone jack, we can expect double the stress on this port, as you'll be using it for media ''and'' charging.
[* black] This year's fingerprint sensor brings a much cleaner [guide|71237|cable job|stepid=142713|new_window=true], making this sensor removal a snap. (Get it? 'Cause fingers.)
[* red] AKM Semiconductor [link|https://www.akm.com/global/en/products/electronic-compass/ak09915c/|AK09915C] 3-axis electronic compass

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