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[title] Final Thoughts
[* black] The Pixel 2 XL earns a '''X out of 10''' on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):
[* green] Many components are modular and can be replaced once the display assembly is removed, despite added adhesive and some complex layering.
[* green] All of the screws are common Phillips #00 screws.
[* yellow] The display is still thing and poorly supported, but foam adhesive makes the opening process easier, even while the speaker grilles make it a bit more dangerous.
[* red] The loss of the pull-tab adhesive, and placement in a well in the case makes the battery hard to remove without solvents.
[* red] In addition to screws, the midframe is secured by snug, press-fit notches and additional tabs covering cables making most repairs more complex.