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Your replacement display may not come with pre-installed speaker grilles or a front-facing camera gasket. If that is the case, use tweezers to carefully remove these parts from your old display and follow the rest of the guide to install them on a new display.

Clean any adhesive residue off of the parts before reinstalling them.

Make sure to install the grilles and gasket before applying display adhesive.

Cut a strip of 1 mm wide double-sided tape to be about 3 cm (1.25 inches) long.

Lay the adhesive strip along the upper edge of the earpiece speaker slot in your new display so that it's centered over the slot and touching the upper edge.

The adhesive strip needs to be as close as possible to the edge of the slot without overlapping. Otherwise, it can interfere with the display adhesive.

Gently press the adhesive strip into place on the display with your finger or a spudger.

Peel the white backing away from the adhesive strip.

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