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0. Optional - backup phone data

1. Power down

2. Eject SIM

3. Using a Spudger or Guitar Pick, pry the plastic back off. Start around the SIM slot, gently nudge in, pry up, go around the entire unit. Note the location of the clip claws on the back cover -- this is where you will meet resistance. These are tough to break so feel free to pry harder, making sure you don't break the LCD.

Note the cable areas and such on the inside of the phone. When you pry, take care to avoid damaging these areas as you pry. You can leverage off the black plastic areas top and bottom to pry the back cover off.

Because the back cover will curve up in the middle if you start down the long edge to open up the back, this will increase the clamping force of the claw clips on the top and bottom, making it harder to get it off. A strategy is to release either the top or bottom short edge first, then work your way down the long edge.

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