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Once the screen is warm to the touch, apply a suction cup to the lower edge of the phone.

If the phone's screen is cracked, the suction cup may not stick. Try lifting it with strong tape, or superglue the suction cup in place and allow it to cure so you can proceed.

Lift on the suction cup, and insert a halberd spudger or an opening pick under the display assembly.

Due to the curved glass, you will be pushing up, rather than inserting parallel to the plane of the phone.

Start to slide the halberd spudger/opening pick along the lower edge of the phone to cut the adhesive. Leave an opening pick at the corner to prevent the adhesive from resealing.

The screen's flex cable is located just below the midpoint on the side of the power button, and may interfere with your cutting tool.

Continue to slide the halberd spudger/opening pick along the side of the phone and insert another opening pick.

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