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Teardown Update: Let's take a closer look at this custom AMD Radeon Pro 580X video card module:

When you pull the release latch, it engages two rollers on the opposite side, which simultaneously undock the card and push it away from the mothership motherboard.

Unlike the module itself, the silicon inside does not come out with a clever lever! A few sneaky screws are hidden under a giant sticker atop the cooling fins, and then we have to carefully disengage the lever mechanism before we can finally pull out the card.

For our efforts, we are rewarded with the following:

The main event! AMD's Radeon Pro 580X, (an iteration of their Pro 500 series for Macs) built on their 14 nm Polaris architecture, featuring 36 compute units.

Two rows of Micron GDDR5 VRAM, totaling 8 GB

2x MegaChips MCDP2920, likely something akin to their MCDP2900 DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 converter

International Rectifier IR35217 buck controller (similar to the IR35211) and NXP's L6524 I/0 expander

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