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On the main PCB with the power-jack, replace the MTX2410 switchmode regulator IC (SO-8 Package).

There is a pin-compatible device from Quorvo (ACT4060ASH-T) which has a different internal voltage reference but otherwise works fine. Only a resistor must be changed for this to work.

Warning: I just encountered a problem with the ACT4060. It blew up on one lamp and damaged the LEDs as well. So it seem not a perfect replacement after all.

Feedback Voltage for MXT2410 is 1.222V, for ACT4060 is 1.293V, so voltage divider on Pin5 must be changed accordingly.

One can best adjust R4+R3 (series). Remove R4, measure R3 and R4, and increase. It should measure about 10.67kOhm (R3 plus R4), and it can be slightly increased to 11.51kOhm. So basically add 1kOhm to R3+R4.

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