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Turn the main board over to expose the side that was facing the chassis and locate IC1803 (24C256 integrated circuit).

Carefully remove the old EEPROM being careful not to damage the copper pads or tracks on the board

Use solderwick to carefully clean the pads where the old EEPROM was mounted

Install the new EEPROM ensuring you orient pin 1 of the new device with the correct location on the board.

I used an AT24C256C-SSHL-B 8SOIC integrated circuit. There are a number of compatible devices but be sure to get the correct lead spacing to fit the board.

Check the solder joints with a magnifying glass to ensure there are no bridges between the EEPROM pins before you reassemble and power up the TV

The IC 1803 designation and location on the board is specific to the LA40R81BD model TV.

When you power up the TV it may cycle a few times before turning on normally. This is due to the EEPROM being blank and default data being written to it. This is normal. You will need to reset all customised parameters and the date/time in the main menu.

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