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Find the white tag on your garment. The tag may be located in the inside back collar, the inside side seam of the garment, or along a sleeve.

Flip the white tag to the back side.

Look for either the word "ITEM" or the word "STYLE" on the back of the tag.

The number that follows is your style number.

The letter and number that follow the style number represent the season, F for Fall or S for Spring, and the last digit of the year the item was sold in.

You can look up the item number on http://pcpsia.com in order to find out the name of your garment. All you have to do is download one of the certificates of conformance to view the item's product description.

For example, item #23730 is called the "M's Fore Runner 1/4 Zip" when looked up on its certificate.

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