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Before we crack open this time capsule (no, not these Time Capsules), let's take a moment to see just how far we've come in three decades.

First up, displays. 1984's Mac 128K featured a 9" CRT with 512 x 342 resolution and support for two colors: black, and white. On the right, our lovely comparison Late 2013 iMac has a 21.5" 1920 x 1080 pixel display with millions of colors. Oh, and the original iPhone had a 480 × 320 pixel screen at 163 ppi.

As Apple works to popularize Thunderbolt, a 20 Gb/s IO interface, let's reflect back on the high-speed Serial port, sporting speeds measured in thousands of bps, rather than billions.

But hey, at least the AC plug is the same.

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