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The LCD temperature sensor is located on the rear of the display panel in the top right corner when viewed from the rear. It is under the black foil about 40mm (1 1/2 in) from the top edge of the panel.

Lay the display panel face down on a cleared surface ensuring nothing is under the panel that may damage it.

Carefully cut a small nic in the foil at the top right corner and gently peel back at an angle to expose the sensor. It will have a foam pad stuck over it.

Gently peel the foam off the sensor to reveal the PCB assembly.

The Sensor is held in place with a small adhesive pad so to remove it, gently pry it up from one edge with a plastic spudger or similar. I recommend NOT using metal tools here.

Disconnect the cable to remove the sensor

Quality Tip When installing the sensor, ensure the connector is well seated and you don't put the connector or cable under tension as this may cause them to separate after reassembly of the system

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