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BEFORE REMOVING THE KEYBOARD: It is crucial that the user ground his/herself to avoid damaging sensitive hardware via static electricity. By doing this, user will not have a shock from the product This can be accomplished by touching a metal lamp that is plugged in, or the back of a desktop computer that is plugged into a wall outlet.

ALSO NOTE: A ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the computer’s motherboard is present (purple marker). Removing the keyboard too forcefully could damage this cable and/or its connection, possibly causing severe, irreversible damage to the computer.

With the speaker panel absent, the keyboard can be easily removed. lift the keyboard a few inches from the computer, taking care not to pull beyond the length of the ribbon cable that secures it to the motherboard (purple marker).

Identify the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the computer’s motherboard (purple marker) and remove it by gently pulling near its point of connection.

Once the cable is free from the motherboard, the keyboard is fully separated from the computer.

NOTE: If you do not wish to replace the speakers, proceed to "Step 7".

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