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And here it is, the heart of the whole system. When you pull the motherboard, lift from the side closest to the RAM slots and gently pull up and out. If you feel resistance, don't force it. And finally, make sure that you don't place any undue stress on the heatpipes. They can bend, and then they're useless.

NOTE: This picture of the motherboard shows the "bottom" of the board. The large sliver structure is the heatsink for the mobile Radeon 5870 graphics card.

Second image. Closeup of the GPU heatsink. The screw indicated hold the heatsink to the card. They have retaining clips, so they won't come all the way out. They are also numbered, and are meant to be loosened and tightened in either reverse or normal order.

To release the heatsink, unscrew the screws, and use a gentle rotating movement to break the bond of the old thermal paste. Again, take care not to damage the heatsinks.

And last but not least, the CPU heatsink. No sense in not repasting this while we're down here, right? CAUTION: That yellow sticker is another bane of DIYers, a "Warranty Void If Removed" sticker. My friends laptop was almost out of warranty, so he wasn't worried about it. If you are, leave it be. The CPU typically doesn't get NEARLY as hot as the GPU in these systems.

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