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Grab your new hose and slide it onto the connector on the tank first. Be careful when pushing it on as the elbows on the tank are plastic. If you break them off, you're gonna have a bad day! The size of hose you need for the outlet is 8mm id (inside diameter) before sliding it onto the tank, be sure to put your new clamp on first!

tighten the clamp up but be careful. You want it to be tight, but bear in mind the elbow is plastic and could easily break. Once that's done, head underneath, cut your hose to size, put another clamp on and tighten up. This end is going onto a metal pipe, so tighten it up good.

Once you've done that, it's just a case of repeating the process for the return pipe. Whilst not strictly necessary to replace both, for all the time it will take, I did it anyway. The only difference for the return pipe, is that you will need 7mm id pipe.

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