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The other half of the board. Note the Apple-branded ARM on the left and the SIM card holder at bottom center

Big news: Samsung DDR SRAM markers on the processor again. Looks like they win on the processor front again (not that we were expecting anything different).

Processor markers: 339S0036 ARM EMC567DB 819 8900B N182F0A3 0825 7511.101 ZPD8163Y, 5974V CKUFBG HE0819 870628 P12 N3. Samsung DDR on the chip (K4X1G163PC-DGC3) is slightly different from the first iPhone, which was K4X1G153PC.

SST SST25VF040B 1MB SPI Serial Flash to the left of the SIM card, along with a National Semiconductor LM2512AA Display Interface.

APPLE 338S0506 is a Wolfson WM6180C (We haven't seen Wolfson disguise their chips like this before). APPLE 338S0512 is an obfuscated NXP power management chip.

The GPS chip is the grey chip in the middle-right side of the board. It is an Infineon PBM2525 Hammerhead II! Rumors that it would be integrated into the processor have been disproved

The round grey chip to the right of the Apple-logo processor is the ST Micro LIS331 DL Accelerometer.

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