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If your replacement part did not come with the mute switch cover, you will need to remove the switch cover and transfer It.

Use the flat end of the spudger to press down and hold the old bracket firmly in place.

Use tweezers or your fingers to carefully rock the switch cover such that the switch cover pins swing out of their clips.

Lift the switch cover straight up.

To install the mute switch cover onto the new upper cable assembly, reverse the steps.

The pins are supposed to rest near the clip opening. Do no attempt to force the pins far into the clips. The switch cover will be held securely in place once you screw the bracket back onto the case.

The switch cover goes on in only one orientation. If you are having a hard time getting the switch cover onto the new part, try toggling the switch so that the black protruding lever is in a different position.

Before reassembling the phone, check all switches and buttons to see if they physically work.

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