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To connect the new hard drive, we need to modify some cables.

The hard drive has a standard 15 pin SATA power connection, but the logic board has a 6 pin slim SATA power connection. A cable to connect them doesn't exist (yet), so we're going to make one.

The two cables you need are:

15 pin Female SATA power to 4 pin Male Molex power.

13 pin Male Slimline SATA to 7 pin Female SATA / 4 pin Male Molex power.

We tried a Molex adapter to connect the two (male) power cables together. However, the bulky Molex connectors are difficult to fit inside the mini.

Cut the white Molex connectors off both cables. The excess cable has to fit inside the mini, so just leave 3-4" on each cable.

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