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Time for a brief look at the external bits before we crack the PS VR open.

Lacking the "strap it to your face" build, the PS VR has a sliding headband (not unlike the Oculus CV1) with a wheel for fine tightening to ensure a snug fit.

Sony's unique hanging visor design presents an all-new solution to the problem of adjusting eye relief. Just hold the button (above the cute PlayStation button symbols) and slide the "scope" forward or back to change the focus.

This is much simpler than the Vive's complex gear train, but not quite as painfree as pushing the Rift up or down on your face (thanks to its assymetrical Fresnel lenses).

The PS VR lenses are actually totally conventional, no Fresnel (Vive) or hybrid-Fresnel (Rift CV1) lenses here.

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