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A soft rubber gasket cushions the display against the lens assembly, and seals dust out of the clean-room optics chamber.

The lenses are glued in place in their frame, but with a bit of encouragement (e.g. some heat and a good push) they pop right out.

These are 14 mm thick conventional lenses, with no Fresnel stepping, and a smooth dome shape. That means the lenses are quite a bit thicker than the Fresnel lenses in the Vive and the hybrid Fresnel lenses of the Rift.

While Oculus and HTC chose to shave off some weight with thinner lenses, these coke bottle lenses should scatter less light from the display, and provide a more cohesive image than the optics in the Vive or Rift. Fresnel lenses tend to create optical discontinuities between their steps that can break the image up into chunks.

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