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iPhone 7 Touch ID/Home 按键维修工具

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  1. iPhone 7 Touch ID/Home 按键维修工具, iPhone 7 Touch ID/Home 按键维修工具: шаг 1, изображение 1 из 1
    • iPhone 7 Touch ID/Home 键维修工具。



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this guide will help customer repair Home Button Fingerprint on iphone 7/7p, and the touch ID not working

need tools and parts: Flex Cable for iphone 7/7p home buttone

Heating Platform

soldering station

others tools

Yong Hui - Ответить

Does this mean you can buy a replacement home button and take the U10 chip from ripped original home button and transfer it to the replacement?

Shea Garrigan - Ответить

U10 is broken, can only separate replacement u10, touch id can not be replaced

gokto -

hello there, My home button is orijinal and working fine with my old screen, I have replaced the screen (original one) and with that screen it isnot working. touch id and the button. Is there any way to replace the ribbon cable in the screen itself?

hulusi şahbaz - Ответить

Yes, you can replace the backlight / 3D Touch / Touch ID panel in the Display assembly. https://youtu.be/6XMA-hGIqys

It's not as hard as refurbish an original touch ID flex cable, but certainly harder than replacing the hole display assembly.

Doctor Éver Cázares -

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