The Brush motor is what keeps your cleaning machine cleaning! These steps take some time, so patience is key in order for your device to work properly.


Никакие детали не требуются.

Flip the device over onto its back
  • Flip the device over onto its back

  • Find the side brush, and unscrew the single screw that connects to brush motor using the Phillips head #2 screwdriver

  • This screw doesn't fully come out of the yellow side brush

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Remove the four Phillips #1 screws on the back panel.
  • Remove the four Phillips #1 screws on the back panel.

  • Pop off the back plate once the screws are loose by gently prying away from the body

  • The screws don't come completely out of the panel, but it will still come apart once unscrewed.

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  • Grab the two pieces of green tape with your thumb and index finger

  • Pull up on the battery in an upwards direction to remove it

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  • These are the contact points on the Roomba for the battery

  • These are the contact points on the battery

  • If these contact points are dirty, they can be cleaned with a moist microfiber cloth (distilled water recommended)

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  • Insert a spudger into the side to pop out one side of the brush holder.

  • Repeat the same step, but now on the other side of the brush holder.

  • Lift the gray plastic piece up carefully to expose the motor.

  • Do not pull up too hard because you could snap a wire attached to the motor or motor circuit board.

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  • Use a Phillips #0 to remove the two 6 mm screws securing the green circuit board protector.

  • Remove the 6mm Phillips screw attaching the circuit board. Doing so should give you access to the circuit board.

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  • These rubber rings protect the motor circuit board from dust accumulated in the Roomba.

    • Do not lose these rubber rings.

  • Remove the two - 7mm screws that connect the motor to the grey plastic protector. Use a Phillips head #0 this time.

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  • To remove the motor, simply pull it out gently from the plastic brush holder.

  • These parts are soldered onto the blue frame.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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