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Xbox One Model 1713 WLAN Empfänger unter Windows 7/8.x einrichten

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How to install the Xbox One Model 1713 Wireless Receiver in1713 on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.x1
If you are trying to use an Xbox Wireless Receiver in Windows 7/ or 8.x, installation issues are common. This guide will show you how to fix the issue.
    If you purchased a Xbox Wireless Receiver for Windows and are wondering how to use it inon Windows 7/ or 8.x, this guide will show you how to install the drivers. Since Microsoft is aggressively pushing Windows 10 as hard as they need to (despite many users not wanting it or preferring to waitwaiting), problems like this will come up.
    Since Microsoft wants to make this as hard as possible onfor Windows 7/* or 8.x** users, this guide will show you how to manually install the driver and get it working. '''''IMPORTANT: While themy screenshots show Windows 7, I will not be assisting with Windows 7 driver installs afterit is no longer supported as of 1/14/2020.'''''

    '''''*READ: AS OF 1/14/2020, WINDOWS 7 IS END OF LIFE. As such I personally will not support users with it anymore. However this method can still be used on these systems.'''''

    '''''**2023 Win8 EOL warning: As of 1/10/2023, Windows 8.1 is also end of life. I will be making direct cutoff decisions later on. Once EOL comes around for Windows 8.1, this guide will be considered “Legacy” and everyone is on their own. It will remain up, but no more questions will be answered.'''''
    == Guide notes ==
    * In most cases, the receiver will pick up the driver correctly, but needs encouragement. However, I have included manual installation instructions for situations where this does not happen.
    * '''''Windows 10 users: Refer to the [guide|103157|Windows 10 guide].'''''

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      Шаги руководства

      Шаг 1 — Stecke den Receiver in deinen PC

      Stecke deinen Xbox Wireless Receiver in deinen PC. Bevor Du weiter machst, schaue ob der Treiber automatisch installiert wird. Falls nicht, befolge weiter diese Anleitung.

      Шаг 2 — Treiber Installation (Windows Update)

      Versuche zuerst diese Variante. Microsoft hat den Treiber aus dem öffentlichen Download-Katalog entfernt.

      Шаг 3 — Treiber Installation (Automatische Treibersuche durch Geräte Manager)

      Öffne den Geräte Manager. Der beste Weg ist je nach Betriebssystem anders.

      Шаг 4 — Treiber Installation (Manuelles Laden)

      Für Windows 7/8.x 32-bit .cab Dateien schaue Dir die Kommentare zur Anleitung an.

      Шаг 5 — Treiber Installation (Überprüfung)

      Um zu prüfen, ob der Treiber korrekt installiert wurde, überprüfe, ob der Receiver nun unter Netzwerkadapter im Geräte Manager aufgeführt ist. Wenn der Treiber richtig installiert worden ist, wirst Du den Empfänger dort finden.

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