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Nokia 6 Disassembly

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      Шаги руководства

      Шаг 1

      Nokia 6 (TA-1011): after being in the water, the LEDs light up but the virtual keys (arrow, home and recent applications) do not work.

      Шаг 2

      Take off the glass / display from its double-sided adhesive, heating the edges and lifting it with the aid of a suction cup and a thin piece of plastic (playing cards).

      Шаг 3

      Starting from the top (speaker area), gently lift the touch / display and disconnect the flat cable connector, unscrewing the screw and removing the plate that holds it in place.

      Шаг 4

      Unscrew the screw, remove the plate and disconnect the virtual keys / fingerprint sensor cable.

      Шаг 5

      Unscrew the screws and unhook the metal plate, gently prizing it with a plastic tool.

      Шаг 6

      It can be seen, above the charging connector, that the humidity sensor is pink instead of white; this means that liquids have entered this area.

      Шаг 7

      Unscrew the screws of the charging module and disconnect the antenna connector.

      Шаг 8

      After removing the sim / micro sd trolley with the extractor and disconnecting the antenna cable, headphone connector and volume / power buttons, unscrew the screws of the logic board.

      Шаг 9

      To check that there are no burnt components or oxidations inside the motherboard, the flex cable must be disconnected and the insulation / dissipation sheets of the various components of the logic board removed.

      Шаг 10

      Looking closely at the microscope the part most exposed to water (as can be seen in step 6), small oxidations were found on the connection pins of the flat cable and the charging module that prevented communication with the motherboard of the sensor of fingerprints and virtual keys.

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