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Jura Grindstone Replacement

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      Step 1 — Removing The Grinder Ring

      Now the grinder is free. Again take a picture, then pull out the axis of the adjuster with moderate force.

      Step 2 — The Grinder Cone

      In the next step be very careful not to loose these three springs, balls and cartridges.

      Step 3 — Cleaning

      In most of the cases the mill is full of sticky old coffee powder. Clean everything thoroughly for excellent coffee aroma.

      Step 4 — Change The Grinder Ring

      Push both of the small latches alternately. Then the ring cover should come out.

      Step 5 — Change The Grinder Cone

      First insert the cleaned driver, then the three sleeves, springs and balls. Now fit the grinding cone on the three balls.

      Step 6 — Reassembling

      Insert grinding ring. The black gear is turned to the right again until the three marks are aligned. Then reinstall the adjuster drive shaft as it was originally.

      Step 7 — Before - After

      These two pictures are no fake: Before repairing the grinder the coffee is thin and transparent. With new stones the coffee is strong and has a fine crema. The repair was a real success!

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