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Replace rubber band

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      Опишите определенную часть или деталь того, device над чем вы работаете. Прим: Аккумулятор

      Создайте заголовок.

      Это краткое резюме 1-2 предложения будет появляться в результатах поиска.

      Укажите общую информацию прежде чем читатель начнет читать инструкцию.

      Шаги руководства

      Step 1

      Measure the new rubber band to the appropriate length. To do this, put the rubber band around the waist or waist and stretch slightly.

      Step 2

      Uncover the old rubber band. To do this, carefully cut the seam in an inconspicuous area on the inside of the waistband with the scissors or the seam splitter so that the fabric is not damaged.

      Step 3

      Tie the new rubber band to the old rubber band.

      Step 4

      Now pull on the other end of the old rubber band, so that the new rubber band is pulled in piece by piece.

      Step 5

      As soon as the knot becomes visible at the beginning of the new rubber band, the knot can be loosened and the old rubber band can be used for textile recycling or for tying tomatoes :-)

      Step 6

      Cut off a piece of thread.

      Step 7

      Pierce the needle from the back about 2mm from the top edge through both ends of the rubber band.

      Step 8

      Pierce the thread on the other edge and do the same here

      Step 9

      If both edges are sewn together, do not completely pull through the thread at the last stitch, but catch the forming loop with your finger.

      Step 10

      Now stretch the waistband so far that the elastic band gradually disappears into the waistband due to the tension.

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