Repair for Everyone: International Repair Day 2023

Repair for Everyone: International Repair Day 2023

Today is the 7th annual International Repair Day, and the theme this year is “Repair for Everyone.” So it seems like a good time to mark some of the progress we’ve made toward a golden age of repair. With more repair protections and legislation in support of our cause than ever, it feels like the world is waking up to the importance of moving past our throwaway society. Plus, we’re highlighting some repairs that even your Luddite great-grandparents could appreciate.

ICYMI: New Right to Repair Laws = More Repair for Everyone

Red tractor in front of the Colorado State capitol building.

Tractors, Electronics, and Appliances

Colorado passed the first-ever agricultural Right to Repair bill this year—not just good news for them but for anyone who eats food (which is, you know, everyone). Minnesota and California both passed bills covering almost all electronics and appliances. And surprise, electronics heavyweights including Apple and HP gave it a thumbs up!

Replaceable Batteries

By 2027, devices sold in the EU are mandated to have batteries designed for easy removal and replacement by end-users. Say goodbye to those irreplaceable, glued-in batteries and hello to a more sustainable gadget landscape!

Spare Parts for Bikes and E-bikes

Last year, France required that laptops and smartphones have spare parts available for five years after the last device is placed on the market. In 2023, France extended the requirement to bikes, e-bikes, and motorized DIY and gardening tools.

This electric bike knolling magic is brought to you by our Xiaomi Folding Bike teardown.

New Repairability Score Mandates 

It’s great to have some idea of how repairable something will be before you buy it—which was the thinking behind France’s repairability index. This year, Taiwan and Belgium announced that they will be taking a page out of France’s book and helping consumers understand products’ repairability at the point of sale.  

Celebrating Repair Around the Globe

Repair celebrations are in full swing today from Belgium to New Zealand, according to the Open Repair Alliance. Whether it’s writing to politicians in Europe or introducing kids to the joys of repair in the Netherlands, the world is buzzing with the fix-it spirit. If you’re not ready to welcome our robot overlords, you might go prove your repair mettle at the human vs. AI fixing battle in Berlin. See the full list of events here.

Repair for Every Household (Not Just Its Electronics!)

Sure, iFixit is synonymous with electronic repairs, but did you know we’re a handy buddy for household repairs too? In the spirit of “Repair for Everyone,” we wanted to highlight some of our favorite guides addressing problems almost everyone has had:

Patch a Hole in Damaged Carpet: Spilled something? Tried to hide it with furniture? No need for those sneaky maneuvers. Here’s how to patch that hole and save your security deposit.

Fix Damaged Molded Baseboards: You’re moving furniture, and oops! A noticeable chip on your baseboard. Instead of glaring at it every day, here’s how to make it as good as new.

Replace Cracked Grout: It’s the little things that annoy us, like cracked grout between tiles. Before it turns into a mosaic of despair, here’s your grout-saving guide.

Repair for Everyone: Share Repair Know-How

We’re strongest as a community. If you’ve got repair skills, share them! Add a guide on how to do that thing you do so well or join iFixit Answers to help some people out. Or, learn new repair skills from other fixers by finding a repair café near you or joining the Global Fixers Discord server. Lastly, don’t forget to raise your voice. Join a repair advocacy action group and champion repair legislation across the globe.

Every fix is a step towards a more sustainable future. Keep fixing and happy International Repair Day!