Tesla Owners Are Experiencing Battery Repair Sticker Shock

Tesla Owners Are Experiencing Battery Repair Sticker Shock

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  • Tesla Model S cars experiencing battery failure: Tesla customers experiencing battery failures are being hit hard by the high cost and complexity of battery repair—sometimes more than $15,000—leading many owners to opt for purchasing new vehicles instead. This highlights a broader challenge facing early adopters of electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility devices. The difficulty and expense of repairing batteries, despite their potential sustainability benefits in reducing waste and conserving resources, has prompted calls for regulatory measures to improve repairability standards for batteries in both EVs and e-mobility devices.
  • Veja, French sneaker brand opens General Store with repairs included: In Paris, fashion brand Veja is emphasizing circularity and longevity by offering repair services for shoes and clothes alongside a range of sustainable products from various brands, housed in a thoughtfully designed space powered by renewable energy.
  • Maine lawmakers want to gut auto right to repair bill: You would think a ballot measure approved by 84% of voters would have a big “hands off” sign on it. Apparently not. This past Tuesday, lawmakers on a committee in the Maine House of Representatives voted 7-1 to approve an amendment that would do away with key components of the passed ballot measure, including the creation of a standardized data platform from which independent repair providers and owners could access telematics data, and an independent entity to oversee how that data is managed.