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Качество запчастей

Not all parts or sellers are created equal. And sometimes it’s hard to tell apart the good, the bad, and the inconsistent. We’ve spent more than a decade vetting sources and suppliers.

Our parts quality consistently leads the industry because we have the most robust processes: all parts are rigorously tested, iFixit certified, and backed by our Lifetime Warranty.


We scour the world’s electronics markets for the best quality parts. Sometimes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are available, but many manufacturer parts just aren’t available—to anyone. Apple, for example, won’t sell replacement parts for iPhones or iPads.

Не каждая часть может быть OEM. И иногда вы не хотите, чтобы они были такими - производители иногда устанавливают смехотворно высокие цены на запчасти, чтобы препятствовать ремонту. Мы поставляем детали от производителей компонентов, поставщиков вторичного рынка и даже собираем детали из совершенно новых продуктов, которые были возвращены розничным продавцам. Наши детали обеспечивают наилучшее соотношение цены, доступности, функциональности, надежности и долговечности.

“This time, I went with a high quality replacement from iFixit instead of some crap off eBay.”

- Greg, Hillsborough, NJ


Trust, but verify. We examine every pixel. We check the cycle count and capacity of every laptop battery. We test and re-test components, verify product compatibility, and carefully inspect every single part. If a part doesn’t meet our meticulous standards, we won’t sell it. Period.

“I wish I could go back in time and buy my parts from iFixit in the first place. I purchased from eBay and Amazon... all batteries were dead on arrival and not compatible. You have my business going forward.”

- Daniel, Austin, TX

3.Руководства, Инструменты, Запчасти

Мы предлагаем больше, чем просто запчасти: при покупке на iFixit вы получаете полное решение для ремонта от начала до конца. Пошаговая инструкция по ремонту и установке, ресурсы по решению проблем, инструменты, спроектированные профессионалами, а так же сообщество профи по ремонту, делящихся своими знаниями, советами и трюками. И нашу пожизненную гарантию.

“Got it, love it, super stoked. Just did a simple RAM and SSD upgrade for my computer. Tools were a treat and are high quality.”

- Russell, Yokine, Australia


And speaking of the Lifetime Warranty: If you ever have a problem with your part after installation, we’ll happily honor iFixit’s Lifetime Warranty. Our team will get you back on track with quick returns and speedy replacements.

“iFixit is the only store I trust for providing the correct parts.”

- Cameron, Fox River Grove, IL

5.Пожизненная гарантия iFixit

Пожизненная гарантия iFixit is limited to our US store. For European warranty policies, see our Европейский магазин. Batteries and other consumables are not covered by the Lifetime Warranty. Accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and labor costs are also not covered. This Lifetime Warranty lasts as long as you own the item. iFixit will replace any defective or malfunctioning product at no charge; if the part is no longer available, we will provide a refund.

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