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Detailing Eraser

  • Detailing Eraser
Detailing Eraser

4,99 $

4,99 $

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This product was not available in the USA, so we went to Germany and are importing them factory direct. We tested lots of precision abrasive rubber type cleaning products, and this one is hand down the favorite for tasks like cleaning video game cartridge contacts or removing smudges from hard surfaces. Handy built in brush on back helps clean up the eraser "tails" left behind.

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I needed new tools.

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I've used the kit and eraser on several repairs.. both have worked great so far.

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Just a product review. I have used the older Drive kit from iFixit for 3 years. I saw this new 64 Bit Driver Kit and decided it was time to upgrade. The kit is awesome. The driver is much easier to han . . .