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COPD Oxygen/Cannula cover

terrie -

Моя проблема

I have stage 3 COPD. I needed a padding for my cannula to sleep because the tubing hurts my face. I couldn't find padding online for cannulas. I took a pair of my granddaughter's fluffy booties and cut them in half. I sewed on the velcro strips on and you've saved my face. I can take the padding off during the day, I can continue to use it even though I have to continuously change cannulas.

Моё решение

Excellent. The tubing is no longer uncomfortable, nor does it leave huge marks on my face. Thank you for the prompt service and giving me exactly what you advertised. I will come back when I need a FIXIT.

Мой совет

No. It was perfect.

Self Adhesive Velcro Tape Изображение
Self Adhesive Velcro Tape


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