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Bad Battery

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iPad Wi-Fi

iPad Wi-Fi Battery Replacement

iPad Wi-Fi Battery Replacement

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Моя проблема

My iPad was not taking a charge, and the moment that it disconnected it would totally power off. The iPad's screen was working, but since the battery wasn't taking charge, the screen would only stay on for seconds at a time, then go blank, etc. To remedy the situation, I ordered a replacement battery, some metal spudgers and a bag of replacement clips.

Моё решение

All went well except when I tried to remove the display cable from the back of the LCD. I pulled a little too hard, ripped the connector from the board and now my screen gives absolutely no images. I've once turned it on, powered it, and gotten feedback from the speaker that the touch panel was registering touches, but the LCD is useless. The instructional guide on iFixit doesn't mention removing this cable, but it seemed necessary at the time. Now I guess my next step is to buy another LCD screen? This was my first go at repairing an iPad, and is my first mistake repairing an i device. I'm kicking myself for not taking more time with checking out how the connector worked.

Мой совет

Take your time, watch multiple videos online of the process. Don't be hasty like me :)

Metal Spudger Set Изображение
Metal Spudger Set


iPad Battery Изображение
iPad Battery


iPad Display Clip Set Изображение
iPad Display Clip Set


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