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iPod Gen 2 display replacement

grayelf812 -

iPod Nano 2nd Generation

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Display Replacement

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Display Replacement

45 мин. - 2 часов


Моя проблема

I had a white screen without any text. Research on the ifixit site led me to believe the display was bad.

Моё решение

Instructions on the ifixit site allowed me to take apart my Nano without fear of breaking it. Detailed step by step instructions with pictures made it easy. I put the device back together and powered it up. iPod is just like new, all for a $13 part. Awesome!

Мой совет

The screws removed in this repair are indeed quite small. I worked on a small bathroom hand towel to keep track of the screws and parts. When sliding the board with the new display back into the outer case some have experienced streaking on the front display bezel. Before sliding the board into the case I took a cotton swab (Q-tip) and cleaned the inside of the bezel with rubbing alcohol. I slid the board in before the alcohol evaporated effectively lubricating it and leaving no streaks.

iPod nano (2nd Gen) Color Display Изображение
iPod nano (2nd Gen) Color Display


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