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5 y.o. Mac Mini lives again!

PaulNoJustPaul -

Mac mini Model A1176

Mac mini Model A1176 Fan Replacement

Mac mini Model A1176 Fan Replacement


Моя проблема

A couple of weeks ago we had had a power spike in the night. End result, our 5 year old Mac Mini that still does sterling service as a media centre (thanks Plex!), burnt out its fan and overheated to the point of powering off the next time we used it.

Моё решение

Opening this generation of Mac Mini feels intimidating at first but I've used ifixit's excellent guides to pull this critter apart a few times to add memory, replace the optical and hard drives. Because of this I knew the fan would be a (ahem) breeze. Sure enough, the guide made sure I didn't end up with parts left over or any other surprises.

Thanks to this, the Mac Mini is once again nestled next to the TV ready to play media once more!

Oh, and did I mention parts? You guys had snappingly fast delivery to regional Australia, thank you!

Мой совет

Three things, if I may:

1. try using iStat Pro to verify that the fan has failed - it'll show 0rpm,

2. ifixit rocks for their guides and very fast parts delivery,

3. work like an astronaut on EVA. Take your time, go by the checklist, don't jump ahead or hurry on the reassembly, and no-one/nothing dies. :-)

Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan Изображение
Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan


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