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Changing the lens on Gopro hero3 black

rolfnord66 -

Моя проблема

After running out of battery in my quadracopter it crasched into the blacktop, camera first. So the lens got badly scratched and the housing cracked.

Моё решение

The repair was quite easy once I found a driver for the T4-torx screws. I followed a step by step guide here on "ifixit". It's really beautiful how it looks the image sensor. But watch out for dust getting into the optics. If it does, do not blow on it yourself. Use compressed air or nitrogen or else it will be all moisturized. The cracked case was an easy fix once all electronics where out, just a few drops of CA. Keep the lens well away from this though or it might get foggy from the fumes.

Мой совет

When opening the housing/ the case, be very carefull not to let the tool get inside to far. I think I cracked the glass of the lcd and broke the tiny leads there so I had to replace that too. The edge of lcd is just 2 mm in from the wall. I also sneaked the voltage up on first test to se if it would draw to much current, hopefully avoiding a burnout. It is now working perfectly.

GoPro Hero3 Black Lens Изображение
GoPro Hero3 Black Lens


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