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How I Met My MacBook

ronkoby -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Display Data Cable Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Display Data Cable Replacement


Моя проблема

Vertical lines on display

Моё решение

It was straight forward. Your guide is accurate. The most difficult part was getting started.

Мой совет

I used plastic snack bags (zip lock) to keep track of the small parts. As I performed each step the screws, etc., went into a bag that I labeled with the step number. I also made notes as to screw length on the bag although that wasn't necessary since your guide gives that information. The nice thing was I didn't have any parts left over when I was finished just a lot of empty bags.

Your shipment of the replacement was quick.

Having an Ipad to scroll through the guide is helpful since it displays as a single (long) page and I could set it next to where I was working. It would not have been as easy with my Imac.

MacBook Display Data Cable Изображение
MacBook Display Data Cable


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