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Kitchen Aid Mixer would not turn on

Elizabeth -

KitchenAid Classic Mixer K45SSWH

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KitchenAid Classic Mixer K45SSWH Carbon Brush Replacement

40 секунд

Very easy

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OMG OMG OMG! You are an angel! I scored this brand new looking Kitchen aid mixer at a Goodwill for $3 dollars. Say whaaat? I grabbed it but when I tried it, it would not turn on. I didn't care, I figured I would fix it myself. I followed your instructions and VOILA! It works like a BRAND NEW, Baby! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for such easy instructions!

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Always follow instructions!

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YAY! So happy to hear it all worked out so well :)

Kay-Kay Clapp - Ответить

Awesome!!!! Thats a steal at $3 and got it up and running.

gillrios - Ответить

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