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Gopro Hero3 lens - success

David Wallace -

Моя проблема

GoPro Hero3 Black went face down on a ceramic tile floor, chipped the lens

Моё решение

I was shocked to see this lens for 20 bucks. Other places online were $100 and up and because of all involved in taking the camera apart, that seemed like too much of a gamble. But 20 was worth a shot. The lens was already attached to the housing and was already in focus. Repair went just fine, used youtube videos to see the process.

Мой совет

The screws are some of the smallest you will ever deal with. Don't lose 'em. And be careful with the ribbon cable and sensor.

GoPro Hero3 Black Lens Изображение
GoPro Hero3 Black Lens


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My Lens I received from IFIXIT came with a bright discolored spot that made half of the image blurry. This lens would never pass quality check I don’t know why they shipped it too me. It’s been two days since I contacted IFIXIT via email and still no reply…Trying Facebook is not likely to get anywhere either.. Can’t find a place to leave my own review on this website either which makes it seem kinda shady. Buyers beware.

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