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Very helpful walkthrough

Glenn Picher -

Mac mini Late 2014

Mac mini Late 2014 Hard Drive Replacement

Mac mini Late 2014 Hard Drive Replacement

25 мин.


Моя проблема

Slow mechanical hard drive - upgrade to SSD.

Моё решение

Went smoothly.

Мой совет

Could have used some closeups on the removal of the power plug clip - you just pull it out, but it wasn't clear if it was supposed to levered up or down. Also, could have used a closeup on pulling the power connector off the logic board; it did not seem safe to just pull the wires themselves, so I used a spudger. But it wasn't clear where the separation point on the connector was and thus where to apply the spudger.

Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool Изображение
Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool


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Also it would help to clarify that the logic board removal tool probably needs to be used in a couple of different small pries against the case surface, not a single pry that gets you all the way to the edge of the wireless plate opening.

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