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The most expensive load of laundry ever

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iPod Touch 3rd Generation

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

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Very difficult

Моя проблема

Most expensive for me, anyway. my 3rd gen 64GB ipod went through a complete wash cycle. It started in my jeans pocket and ended up in the bottom of the washtub. After soaking in rice for a week, still no joy, so I took it apart to see all the pretty guts. Then left it sitting on the counter--in pieces--for 9 months. After it failed to spontaneously reproduce I decided to put it back together. Plugged it into outlet with power adapter and zOMG!!! It came on! But it wouldn't turn on if unplugged nor when connected to computer. Only hooked to mains power. Helpful people here suggested replacing the battery.

Sorry, no heroic tales of single-handedly fending off legions of rabid lemmings using nothing but the Lightsaber app on my iPod Touch (lemmings aren't too bright...)

Моё решение

Instructions were dead-on. Repair went perfectly, not a single hitch. Desoldered old battery, soldered new battery in and it was golden.

Sadly, the new battery did not fix my lack of wi-fi. so it's kind of a hybrid Classic/Touch iPod: All the joys of a Touch, all the wi-fi of a Classic. oh, well. Still a lot cheaper than $400 for a new device.

Мой совет

be absolutely certain to follow the directions! I got stupid and nearly ruined my screen by not using the spudger at the *correct* location, ie, *between* the clips. Stupid!

iPod touch (3rd Gen) Battery Изображение
iPod touch (3rd Gen) Battery


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